Company accumulates 50 Years of Experience

GC Markets has always adhered to the “customer first” philosophy. We are committed to providing efficient, convenient and comprehensive foreign exchange trading services to individuals and institutional investors. The core management team of the group cumulatively has over 50 years of experience within the financial services sector particularly within the fields of FX and CFD.

Since our inception, the Company has always focused on providing a comprehensive range of brokerage services in international financial markets specifically, currencies, major indices, commodities, precious metals and Contracts for Difference (CFD’s).

GC Markets offers front-line trading platforms, state-of-the-art trading tools & advanced educational resources that cover the latest financial news and much more.

We’re equipped with cutting-edge technology and high level of client support, while always up-to-date on the market’s global expansion. Gc Markets provides new opportunities and well-rounded solutions for Individual and institutional investors.

GC Markets was founded by a group of professionals with years of experience in the Forex industry.

Our mission at GC Markets is to maximize the value of our clients by providing them with exclusive customer service and access to the financial instruments on the global market.

Our objectives:

-> To lead the way by supporting transparency and the adoption of ethical trading practices in the Forex industry
-> Continuously offering professional support & educational resources throughout our Trading center (Link to the webpage)
-> To earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our staff.
-> Sharing knowledge that is specially tailored for clients’ individual circumstances and requirements.
-> The investors are supported by an advanced technical infrastructure that provides an outstandingly efficient, rapid online trading environment.
-> Our customers and partners can be assured that all services provided by the company meet high international standards.

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Official Release: GC Markets businesses will migrate to IV International LLC (IV Markets) on 29th May 2021
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